Partners and collaborations

Creating partnerships for sustainability is as important as the objectives of companies. For this reason, we make use of the best technical professionals in all sectors of interest, to guarantee the best for our customers. Here are our collaborations with academic realities, third sector and technical partners.

Collaborations with academic realities

University of Perugia

The Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences (DSA3), active since 2014, promotes the training of operators in the agri-food system and the progress of the agro-industry.

Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies - Pisa

The Crop Science Research Center develops scientific activities that cover different aspects of the plant-based agri-food chain. The main aim is to enable the production of safe and high-quality food.

Collaborations with third sector entities


Non-profit association, made up of citizens who care about: the protection of the environment in all its forms, the quality of life, a more equitable, just and supportive society.


Since 1985 it has worked in Italy for: the protection of the sea and the environment, the study of biodiversity, education in schools and sustainable development.


Voluntary association created to inform and raise awareness on the dangers of plastic pollution and engaged in the field with various projects, starting from the clean-up of beaches and cities.

Slow Food

International non-profit association committed to restoring value to food, respecting those who produce it in harmony with the environment and ecosystems.

Terzo Distretto

Working group made up of expert professionals from business, third sector and institutions, who work to build networks, partnerships and collaborations between the different actors.

Technical partners


Expert in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, in the impact analysis of building and urbanization systems and in the development of environmental innovation strategies.


Consulting firm that assists companies in managing change and guiding them through an inclusive transformation: we integrate ESG strategy with business strategy, inspired by Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 Agenda. Now part of Digital360 Group.


Founded in 2021, it is the only Climate Tech Company operating in Italy in safeguarding centuries-old biodiversity and offsetting CO2 through olive grove plantations in uncultivated land to increase oil production and innovate agriculture.


With its team of sustainability strategy experts, it measures the environmental impact of products, processes and organizations through services ranging from eco-design to environmental certifications.

Golden Group

Firm born in 1996 to support companies to access to the financing opportunities offered by subsidized finance (from the European Union to the local ones). To become more competitive, companies are supported in getting the most out of the available opportunities, and relieved from bureaucratic procedures until the contribution achievement and its related reporting.

Green Future Project

Green Future Project is an agency that has developed an integrated platform for the development, implementation, and visualization of corporate ESG strategies.


Designer of Circular Strategies and expert in Eco-innovations, Nudge design, Ecodesign and Green public procurement.


It deals with non-financial reporting, certifications and sustainability standards for products, optimization of organizational processes.

Pedibus Italia

Environmental planning, urban design and participation experiences: this Organization spreads experiences of sustainable mobility and autonomy of children starting from home-to-school pathways.


This organization is the regulatory body for the certification of sustainable forest management and ecosystem services.


Company specialized in large format 3D printing, with recycled materials or from sustainable supply chains. Born in 2017, its guiding values ​​are environmental sustainability and technological innovation.


The Italian start-up that saves the world’s seas thanks to Blue Barriers, barriers that allow plastic and waste to be collected from rivers.

Studyo EDUcare

It works to build innovative projects of educational value between schools and companies, which thus become bearers of educational content for young people, in line with the MIUR directives.

t2ó Italia

Results-oriented online marketing agency, with over 10 years of experience in the development and implementation of digital projects.
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