Strategic objectives

  • Amplify Lancaster’s commitment, started in 2018, to develop innovative, sustainable “Clean & Ocean Friendly” products, not just respectful of the consumers’ skin, but also of the environment and of the sea ecosystems.

Operation phases

  • Setting of the “Sustainable Beach Club Mission”, with the creation of a decalogue/manifesto by a scientific committee led by Plastic Free.
  • Awarding of the 4 most sustainable beach clubs according to the decalogue criteria, by the Plastic Free and Sustenia experts.
  • Donation to clean the nearby beach area, for each sun product bought at Douglas chain store.
  • Operation of waste collection in June 2022 in the areas close to the 4 awarded beach clubs, performed by Plastic Free volunteers, Douglas employees and local community people, involved through a social media activation.
  • Social amplification of the cleaning operations thanks to the presence of local influencers.
  • Good practices of Circular Economy in place thanks to the giving back in 2023, of 5 Lancaster customized benches made with 3D printing, with recycled plastic equivalent to the quantity collected in 2022.


Brand reputation increase for Lancaster, ambassador of sustainable behaviors.
Didactic value and awareness of the climate change and impact reduction themes, through the promotion of a more conscious and sustainable tourism.
Circular economy upcycling thanks to the benches donated to the cities involved.

Thanks to this project, Lancaster has given visibility to its own sustainable commitment, beyond the results already achieved with its product formulas, involving various territories along Italy and donating recycled plastic benches as a symbol of circularity that would be useful for the local communities.

Global Goals

Project Details

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