Strategic objectives

  • Support the corporate reputation with sustainable development contents.
  • Raise the company awareness (target: 2M people).
  • Increase the sell-out (target +15%) and mkt share (target +4%).

Operation phases

  • Identification of potential areas of intervention interesting for the brand, whose mission is to protect women’s skin from air pollution.
  • Creation of a tailor-made socio-territorial marketing activity in line with the brand values: “Beauty Renovation, science renews beauty”.
  • Mibact partner identification: shortlist of 5 statues of female beauty deteriorated by atmospheric agents and in need of restoration.
  • Choice of 3 statues through a voting mechanism on social media by consumers.
  • Drive to store operation at pharmacies: a free skin check for consumers who had voted.
  • Restoration of the 3 statues, with 65% tax credit for the company thanks to the Art Bonus for measures in favor of cultural patronage.
  • Online verification of the restoration status, and return of the statues to the community.


Increased awareness: + 4.3 M people reached (+ 1.2 M online video views).
Growth in sell out (+25%) and market share (+4%).

Thanks to this activity, Skinceuticals by L’Oréal highlighted its commitment to social responsibility and increased visibility and sales, constructively involving the target and returning to the community 3 masterpieces of the Italian artistic heritage restored to their original beauty.

Global Goals

Project Details

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