Costa d’Oro


Strategic objectives

  • Costa d’Oro entered a large international agri-food company, the Avril Group; there was the need to create the guidelines for its own sustainable development path, consistent with the Group’s principles.
  • Enhance what the Company had already undertaken in terms of impacts and product quality.

Operation phases

  • Assessment:
    • Analysis of Avril’s guidelines and of the operations already implemented by Costa d’Oro.
    • Analysis of the olive sector as a whole and of the main players.
  • Creation of the value platform on which to create the sustainable development strategy.
  • Drafting of Manifesto of Intent: the declaration of sustainable development commitments made by Costa d’Oro towards its stakeholders.
  • Creation of the Planet O-Live positioning: the “Living Planet” in which all the people who work in the olive supply chain collaborate actively for a better and healthier product.
  • Creation of the Costa d’Oro Academy, with the participation of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa, the University of Perugia, Confagricoltura, Assoprol and several large olive growing entrepreneurs. The Academy wants to identify and disseminate the best agronomic, impact reduction and processing practices for the benefit of the entire sector and all players in the supply chain.
  • Activation of academic collaborations for the valorization of olive oil mill waste following the principles of the circular economy.
  • Marketing: dedicated website and communication activities.



Activation of academic collaborations to improve the product quality
Circular economy: possibility of activating virtuous collaborations with companies from other product sectors


New positioning that places the Company as a player of excellence in its market
Greater reputation and awareness

Sustenia has supported Costa d’Oro in the process of defining the sustainable development strategy, in the creation of the Manifesto of Intent, in the creation of the Academy. The process is ongoing: every day results are evaluated and activities consistent with ESG objectives are studied.

Global Goals

Project Details

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