Sustainability Report

To be effective and bring value to the company and stakeholders, the approach to sustainability must be systemic. Sustainability must be a strategic growth driver and this approach must be consciously chosen by the top management and the whole company. Our team is able to accompany an organization in all phases of this path.

Sustainability is a growth philosophy that takes the form of a path.

Extemporaneous actions, carried out inconsistently with the planned path, may have a usefulness in themselves but do not optimize the value created and risk not being consistent with the values of the Brand.

This is why Sustenia acts as a 360-degree sustainability partner and can offer its advice (directly with the internal team or through its network of professionals) at all stages of the process:

1. Identification of sustainable development goals
2. internal assessment
3. listening to internal and external stakeholders
4. certifications
5. impact assessments
6. motherhood matrix
7. sustainability report
8. identification of “shared value” KPIs

All without wanting to impose pre-established schemes or paths but respecting the history, culture and values of the companies we work with.

To start together
a sustainability path