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Our actions

Our team can offer different services, each
functional to developing
the 360° Sustainability path



The marketing model that promotes socially useful and community-friendly sustainable companies


development strategy

We identify the most suitable sustainability path for the company in terms of an economic development compatible with the environment



We develop sustainable business models aimed at improving Corporate Reputation and creating "Shared Value"


of Shared Value

It creates economic and social value, generating activities for the benefit of companies and the environment



It optimizes resource returns, minimizes system risks and focuses on sustainability



There is innovation when, without sacrificing profit, sustainability and respect for cultures and people are pursued



It tells the company's history, offers a global image and increases its value and reputation

Our 360° approach to sustainability

2020 is the year of sustainability: living through sustainable practices to grow and reduce the imbalances that have occurred with globalization has become an increasingly necessary and widespread phenomenon.

It is increasingly risky to live, and do business, in a world with profound climate change and social inequalities. Investing in sustainability is therefore not only a cultural fact, but has its return on the economic level: it is a driver of global development, it is a business that attracts consumers and finance.

Sustainability is a 360° concept, it involves the whole of the entire society and requires an overall strategy to aim for sustainable growth. To follow companies on the 360° sustainability path, Sustenia tackles sustainability in an integrated way: creating and spreading the concept of shared value, developing a sustainable strategy consistent with the corporate mission, first adopting sustainable marketing systems and then applying the Socio-Territorial Marketing model, and, finally, reformulating – through a process of sustainable innovation – the internal systems according to the principles of circular economy and validating their work through a sustainability report.

The ability to imagine alternatives and anticipate changes is our greatest strength. We make sustainable choices and projects, in line with the present and oriented towards an alternative and improved vision of the future.

By interpreting the new needs of the market and of consumers, we take companies to an evolutionary path towards 360° Sustainability.

Integration actions

Operational excellence

Integrating sustainability means enhancing the ability of processes to achieve expected results, enriching and updating them through the lens of sustainability

Integrated thinking

Integration is a new holistic way of thinking about the company and of conceiving the creation of (shared, added??) value as a result of the interaction between tangible and intangible capitals in the specific context in which it operates.

Innovative engine

With the integration of sustainability, we refer to new ways of innovating products, which include environmental and social aspects since their conception

Response to change

Integration is understood as the ability of companies to understand and interpret the social, environmental and economic changes taking place, in a process of activation and anticipation of needs that can lead to transforming not only operational practices

Social media

This is the most recent line of interpretation. Here the boundaries between sustainability and traditional business become increasingly blurred, in conjunction with the emergence of radically new business models, truly oriented towards the common good and social impact: the B Corporations are an example


We design sustainable marketing projects capable of responding effectively and consistently to the various market demands. We analyze and recognize the needs of companies, look for the solution and follow its execution. We develop the most suitable sustainable business model for the company and follow it in the process of alignment and orientation towards sustainability. We propose the application of sustainable consumption styles according to the long-term effects of production, working in the interest of all stakeholders, internal and external. We pursue the achievement of corporate objectives, ensuring both the company’s economic sustainability as well as the environmental and social one. Sustainability is now a business driver, which is why Sustenia directs and guides the social, cultural and environmental commitment of companies and supports the production of lasting public benefits.


We intend to involve companies in creating shared value in the territory of their consumers, by implementing socially useful and relevant actions. By supporting MST and sustainable marketing projects, the company becomes an active social actor, the protagonist of the spread of positive practices and values, and relates to all stakeholders, not just shareholders. The application of a sustainable business and the company’s sustainable development path must be validated and shared through a precise and captivating story. Sustenia follows the company in the process of disclosure and dissemination of good practices implemented through innovative and accessible to all forms of narration.

We create corporate and brand storytelling for each code and platform, sharing the sustainable development strategy undertaken by the company, and establishing the objectives to be achieved. We take care of the fulfillment and implementation of concrete actions and projects and we talk about their effectiveness, strength, and social impact, generating engagement among all stakeholders.


To be effective and bring (shatred, added??) value to the company and stakeholders, the approach to sustainability must be systemic. Sustainability must represent a strategic growth driver for the company, and our team can accompany the organization in all phases of this process and measure its impacts. Sustenia proposes itself as a 360° Sustainability partner and offers its advice (directly with the internal team or through its network of professionals) in the internal assessment process, listening to internal and external stakeholders, impact assessments and sustainability reports.

To start together a sustainability path.